Roller shutters are so much more than just glorified metal doors. Ask any firefighting service or warehouse operator and they’ll never stop stressing how much the roller shutter has protected their business operations while empowering them to do so much more. You may be asking, “In Singapore? The crime rate here is so low! Why bother spending so much to install a high-quality roller shutter?” but the roller shutter’s purpose is so much greater than what an average Singaporean makes them out to be and here’s why:

As mentioned in our title, great roller shutters protect your property because they essentially act as a highly-reinforced gate that only allows those with keys to enter, while ignoring the advances of thieves who try to pry open the shutters. Allow us to explain. Roller shutters are basically made up of sheets of strong metals that are lightweight as well to allow the curtain of metal to easily be retracted into the main circular unit when the user needs it open. The strength of the metal is also important because it is the main factor that prevents individuals with ill will from entering your business spaces through forcing the shutters open through conventional means. Roller shutters are also able to protect your inventory from damage from the elements. Remember the flash floods that happened in January? Causing many parts of the island to quickly become submerged? A great roller shutter with airtight seals at the contact points in this situation could potentially save a whole warehouse of inventory by preventing water from the torrential rainstorms from seeping in. Be it protecting your business operations from petty theft; or sheltering your property from the erratic Singaporean weather, the list of uses of a high-quality roller shutter never seems to end.

But now, how do Roller shutters enable? Here’s how. They basically act as the specialised gateway for the large vehicles to enter a certain location. Anyone that’s been to the highways in Singapore will instantly recognise the large trucks that carry freight from the ports along the roads throughout the island to their respective destinations. These are just one of the groups that have benefitted immensely through the creation of roller shutters. Another well-known group that has benefitted from roller shutters is the housing and construction service providers. Think back, seen any condominium parking lot without a roller shutter gate? Or a landed property garage door using something other than a roller shutter gate? The list goes on. Even businesses that rely on freight transport and movement benefit greatly from these as custom alcoves within their warehouses can be constructed with roller shutter gates to facilitate better movement of goods directly within the warehouse rather than unloading outside.

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