One of the ways through which you can provide security to your business is by using roller shutters. However, it is important to note that there are two types of these roller shutters namely the motorized and manual roller shutters. In this article, we will be informing you about the pros and cons of each one of them. In addition to that, we will provide you with information of which type of businesses suits each one of these business roller shutters the best.

What are motorized roller shutters?

Like their name suggest, motorized roller shutters have a tiny motor that is responsible for the opening and closing of the shutter with only a push of a button. The source of power varies. For instance, you can choose to wire the motor from an electrical source or you can use solar energy, which is apparently a form that provides energy efficiency. What are the advantages of using motorized roller shutters?

Some of the advantages of using these types of shutters include:

They are convenient

In order to control a motorized roller shutter, you need to have a remote. This ensure that you do not strain a lot. In addition to that, it allows for efficiency of the shutters as they only awaits for your command without which they will not function. From where, you are located, you can control these shutters without much effort.

They can be fitted with sensors

Motorized roller shutters are not only convenient but also allows for more room for development. For instance, you can choose to install sensors on the shutters so that they will be regulating how high or low the shutters will be at different times of the day.

They do not have a high maintenance cost

Motorized roller shutters have a surprisingly low maintenance cost. Once in place, they hardly breakdown and their durability depends on the quality of components you use with them.

What is the disadvantage of motorized roller shutter?

The main disadvantage of these roller shutters is that they are more expensive to acquire as compared to the manual roller shutters.

What business are suitable for use of motorized roller shutters?

Some of the businesses that can thrive well under motorized roller shutters include:

1. Garages

2. Factory Space

What are manual roller shutters?

With these kind of shutters, they require that you open and close by yourself mostly using a winder. They have both windows and doors and the winder is located in either one of them to ensure that you access it easily.

What are the advantages of manual roller shutters?

Some of the advantages of manual roller shutters include:

1. They are cheap to acquire and install

2. They are efficient

3. They are reliable

What is the main disadvantage of manual roller shutter?

The main disadvantage of these shutters is that you have to go round them every day in order to shut them. This might be time consuming. In addition to that, they require regular maintenance.

Which business can you use manual roller shutter?

Some of them include:

1. Minimarts

2. Small Businesses

There are two types of roller shutters namely the manual and the motorized roller shutters. Manual roller shutters are used in places that do not require regular opening and closing such as private warehouse. The type of shutter that you use will therefore depend on where you want to use it.