Fire shutters are designed as a fire safety feature that automatically closes when fire is detected within the property. This shutter door prevents fire from spreading outside of it originating room, therefore increasing safety for the building’s occupants through fire compartmentalisation, and reducing repair cost by mitigating fire damage to the surrounding rooms. Our shutters meets the required fire resistance ratings and are stable, heat insulated, and fire resistant. Getting a fire shutter door installed is sophisticated and requires extreme precision for optimal effectiveness. Contact our friendly team to book a complimentary on-site survey and quotation today.

Certified and Approved

Our specialists are highly trained and experienced when it comes to fire shutters in Singapore, and fabricates and install only approved and certified shutters. Our range of fire shutter products have undergone the inspection of the Fire Safety Bureau and are approved for usage in properties.

Customised Solution

The fire resistance and thermal insulation requirements for fire shutters vary by desired usage. Our company does not cut corners when it comes to safety. Our fire shutters are designed to not just meet but also to exceed the requirements set out by the Singapore Civil Defence Force for your peace of mind.