Suppose you’ve got yourself a new home recently, with an attached garage. You’d probably be wondering what kind of door to install on the garage entrance right? After all, you might have a car that you will be storing inside. Conventionally, you’re given two choices, either a door that opens upwards, or a roller shutter. We, personally, are advocates for the roller shutter doors. Why, you ask? Let us enlighten you:

They save a lot of space

Let’s say that maybe the path from the road in front of your home to your garage door isn’t big enough for the operation of opening your door and at the same time have your car. This is a problem, because in this case, you wouldn’t be able to open the garage door without blocking the route in front of your home. That’s the open-up door. But with the roller shutter door, it’s a different story. The door is fitted onto the interior of your garage entrance and therefore only requires vertical space to open and close. This prevents you from the undesirable situation of blocking the road in front of your home, and trust us, your neighbours who are driving back home will thank you! On top of this, businesses who rely on transporting freight around Singapore also heavily benefit from roller shutter doors as they allow larger vehicles like trailers with huge cargo blocks to reverse into the warehouse itself; saving both time and money.

They’re really strong

The open-up doors are normally made with one or two large sheets of metal bound together, and as a result are vulnerable to damage, as it’s really just a large set of flat metal sheets. Roller shutters are made of corrugated sheets of metal that interlock at their ends, much like the blinds that can be rolled shut at windows. This makes the shutter door a lot less susceptible to damage from things such as objects thrown at it (hopefully only by accident!). This also means you’ll spend less money on repairing a shutter door when compared to an open up door with the same damage, since you can just replace that one interlocked metal sheet that is damaged, instead of replacing the whole sheet, which would likely be the case if you were to repair a damaged open-up door. Sure, shutter doors may not be the most glamourous choice of door, but hey, they’re really robust and easy to fix, provided you get a professional’s help.

They don’t let in rain, snow, pests and dust

Open-up garage doors work really similar to a normal room door: there’s a hinge that the door pivots on, and there’s a mechanism installed to allow you to keep the door opened and allow you to just push the door down to close it (with the help of a door closer). However, the sides of the door have these small gaps through which stuff like dust, rain, snow and pests can get in. Not really slick, if you ask us! However, if you think about it, roller shutters have grooves that guide them in a straight way when opening and closing the door. This groove also doubles as a seal against weather elements such as rainwater, snow, dust, and even pests. But that’s not all! The bottom of the shutter, when closed, has a rubber lining that seals the bottom from the same weather elements, and also from the pesky pests that you might otherwise find crawling into your garage and making your garage that much less hygienic; saving you and yours an immense amount of hassle.

All in all, we really see roller shutters to be the more robust, durable and compact type of garage door. I mean, who doesn’t want a door that saves space, is strong and easy to fix. Wouldn’t you think so too?