So, you have probably gotten a new house and are deciding on a garage door type, or you’re simply looking to get a new garage door. You’ve heard it every now and then from the folk around you, “Hey, roller shutters are pretty convenient things, compared to open door ones. You should get one of them!”. And you can’t help but think “Why so?”. Let us tell you why we think roller shutters do make things convenient, and poise themselves as a superior choice to open-up garage doors.

You don’t need much space for one.

A roller shutter takes a lot less space as compared to an open-up garage, and consequently you save a lot of your driveway space. A roller shutter opens and closes within only a vertical space, while an open-up garage will require a clearance area as, obviously, it needs to open out of the garage entrance. This is because for one, the roller shutter is made up of many interlocking sheets of metal that can roll up (pretty obvious right there huh?) into a small space. The shutter is also installed in the interior of the garage entrance, saving you as much space as possible outside of the garage entrance. However, things are a little different with open up doors. They’re installed on the exterior of the garage entrance and therefore take up more space outside of the entrance.

You could motorise them.

Why put yourself through the manual labour of lifting up the shutters every time after a long day at work when you could save yourself the backbreaking work by making it open on its own? Most roller shutter companies allow you to add a motor to the roller shutter, one that can be controlled with a remote. Instead of manually lifting the shutter, you just click a button on your remote control and there you go! The shutter door opens with the help of the added motor, and therefore you save yourself the occasional back ache from the lifting (unless you work out, then props to you!). That being said, it is possible to motorise open-up doors too, but a hydraulic system has a higher chance of failing than a motor on a roller shutter.

It’s really saves your property.

Contrasted to a normal open-up garage door that may sometimes be made of wood, roller shutters are always made of interlocking sheets of metal, which is more weather resistant as compared to a wooden garage door. Also, any damage caused to a roller shutter is more likely to cause less total damage to the door when compared to an open-up door, which may be damaged more significantly and cause a cause a hazard to anyone trying to fix it.

We think roller shutters are convenient because of the reasons said above, and while open-up garage doors may be convenient as well, we strongly believe that roller shutter singapore are more convenient than open-up doors, for the same reasons. We strongly believe that roller shutters are the way to go when getting a garage door, and we hope we’ve made you agree a little more with us. So, about that new roller shutter door you’re going to get… you’re having problems finding someone to help you with such an operation? We think we can fix that. After all, we’re just a call away.