Looking to install a commercial roller shutter for your property? We got your back. Our budget-friendly commercial shutter doors comes in many types and functions, and are a fantastic way to protect your store from unauthorised intruders and weather without costing you an arm and a leg. Being a major roller shutter supplier and repair brand, our company has the resources to fabricate sturdy commercial roller shutters at a great price. Our top priorities are customer satisfaction, honest prices, and simple after-sales support. Serving almost a thousand delighted customers across Singapore, you can count on us for all your shutter door services.

Budget-Friendly Shutters

As an established roller shutter company, we have larger access to bulk resource discounts that reduces our operational costs below the competition. And since we prioritise customer satisfaction over short-term profit, we offer our roller shutters at one of the most competitive rates on the market.

Quality Guaranteed

The materials we use to fabricate our roller shutters are sourced overseas from reliable high-strength metal and polycarbonate producers. Not the cheap stuff. For the extra peace of mind, our shutters come with a comprehensive workmanship warranty as well that ensures you are getting the best for your money.

Since we begun operations in 1984, our company has been focused on one thing: Customer satisfaction. As a result, other than the manufacture and installation of commercial shutters, our company also offers cost-effective repair and maintenance work for roller shutters of all brands. Because of this, when you choose us for your commercial roller shutter, you will never have to deal with future shutter issues again—we can handle it for you! If this is what you require, contact our commercial shutter specialists today for an easy, no commitment quotation.